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Asbestos Solutions NT Pty Ltd

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Keeping you safe

Asbestos Solutions NT are industry leaders in the safe removal of asbestos from domestic, commercial and industrial properties throughout the Northern Territory.
Committed to safety, our team of experienced and qualified staff hold up-to-date accreditations in handling asbestos and utilise the latest in removal techniques to ensure an asbestos free environment for you, your loved ones and work colleagues.

Our safety promise


Safety Commitment

Asbestos Solutions NT is committed to maintaining the highest of industry standards to ensure the safety of our team and that of our valued customers.
We are disciplined in the mandatory safety procedures required to successfully remove asbestos from your property. Our guarantee to you is that every care will be taken during any asbestos works on your property, to ensure the safety of you and your family, our staff and the immediate environment. Our employees are fully trained to ensure the minimal release of asbestos fibres during the removal of process.
We will not take short cuts and we will not put you or the environment at risk.

Safety Equipment & Procedures

At Asbestos Solutions NT your safety and that of our staff is paramount. That is why we utilise the very best protective equipment and procedures throughout the removal process. Our equipment includes decontamination units, negative air systems, high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuums, personal protection and respiratory protection apparatus.

Safety Regulations

We always work within governing safety regulations including Workplace Health and Safety; the national code of practice for Management and Control of Asbestos in the Workplace; and Safe Work Australia's, 'How to Safely Remove Asbestos' guidelines.

Safe Handling of Asbestos

We are fully licenced in the identification, removal, transportation and disposal of asbestos.